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Big, black-furred, ferocious, enfanged/befanged/withfangs/whatever-the-fuck-you-would-say-to-explain-i-have-fangs, snarly, rough, snarky, violent, obsessive kitty. Welcome to my dark little corner.
Born in what is known as The Black Country, i'm a Northern Irish pheralcat, jaguar-panther hybrid you might say (go on then, say it, you know you want to). Upset me and you shall feel my wrath (meaning, i shall shove my chopsticks into any orifice i can find, and possibly make some news ones while i'm at it), make me happy and i'll probably maul you anyway, 'cos hell, i enjoy it. >:P (never fear though, deep down i'm the biggest pile of smushy black fur you ever could meet. i can't watch the news because all the horridness upsets me, and i rescue bees from swimming pools.)

I was named on the Jackfic egroup one day, after a particularly blue-smartie fuelled post when i declared "I'm not scary really, just slightly, er, peripheral." The name stuck, and mostly people just call me pheral. Sometimes they call me "shit mavis get the truck, there's a bloody big cat out here and it looks pissed" but i've not quite worked out what's going on with that. peh.

I have a photography degree (and was forced to savage the entire college for just being complete bastards), have written since i was a tiny mewler, and am a dedicated and alarmingly violent whumper (hurt/comfort by another name). If they're fictional, and i like 'em, they get hurt. Constantly. Currently Reno and Logan are cowering rather sulkily at the back of my room and waiting for the next chapter of their painful adventures together, and Starsky and Hutch (the originals, you cretins) are playing with each others tube-tops in my kitchen. Plus the Winchesters just leapt into my head and started angsting. Whoo!
Not averse to slash, i prefer strong tactile brotherly friendship.

Right now i'm an SEO with a small web-design company, and have been here for over two years. I had a real time of it for the first two years, but suddenly now things have changed for the better. If the pay gets better than shit, i'm considering sticking with this job. I'm currently studying for a Psychology degree with the Open University (mail and internet university), and frequently thrashing around with late assignments and exam stress. Furthermore, i am fully and completely aware that the graphics for each of the following headers are utterly irrelevant to the categories to which they are assigned. Live with it. :P

My main fandom isn't even a fandom. It's a genre, and it's Whumping (another word for 'hurt/comfort', perhaps slightly more violent, orginating in the stargate fandom). I whump everything in fandom - if a movie has whumping and the victim is a cute guy, i'll watch and enjoy. If you're going to try and get me interested in a fandom that has no whump in any episodes for the main characters, you're gonna find it damn difficult. Exceptions to that rule normally come with comedy. So, my current obsessions (and when i say obsessions i mean 'somebody buy me a new tv because my insane stare has eroded the plastic') are as follows:

supernatural: the complex and dedicated character psychologies in this show make me visciously happy! and the americana atmosphere and the Dean just make me drool. gah.
kung fu: the legend continues - oh sweet crack. what's better than support characters hugging and comforting and touching the main character? slapping him first! woohoooo! let's get one thing straight, this is no genius show, but the whumping is superb, there's kung fu, and.. and... there's whumping. and kung fu.
torchwood - whee! so nice to finally be in the country getting the eps before everyone else. >:P not that i'm bitter or anything. heh. torchwood is the doctor who spinoff starring Captain Jack Harkness. off to a good start,although let down in places, it's more than made up for by the random and gratutious all-sexual snogging. woohoo! Jack/Ianto wins. :D
st:tng - like returning to an old friend, i try to tell myself it's not completely the nylong that draws me back. Wait... nylong? Nylong?? What the heck is nylong?? I quite like the sound of it. I think nylong would draw me back too. But i mean nylon, rather. Mwah. Will Riker is the uniform-clad hero for me, even if he does overdo reactions all over the place.
I Spy - kelly robinson and alexander scott traverse the greek islands (and other islands too no doubt but i remember the greek's best because they were pretty and they iconned well) with tennis racket and massage table, and send slashers everywhere into shock. and yes i am talking about the original series, don't insult me.
Hunter - before this show i didn't like butts. i swear. they kinda repulsed me. then i saw Rick Hunter with his incredibly long lean-muscled legs and gorgeous butt, and i passed out. When i came to i realised there is but one butt for me, and it's Hunter's. Fantastic show, very Clint Eastwoody main character, brilliant car chases and fights - and long long long leeegggggsssss....
Midnight Caller - Mmmmmm Gary Cole's hair.... Why the bastards won't release this on dvd is beyond me. Ok so it doesn't have as may fans as other shows, but still - GARY COLES HAIR! Yum. It should be reason enough.
Forever Knight - very new to me, and it goes first second because it's my blinding obsession of the month. Vampires, Geraint Wyn Davies all grown-up from his dorkish stint on the not-so-successful later season of Airwolf, fangs, blood, whumping, angst. The show gets to me. Love it.
Renegade - i am fighting the fandom fight alone for this one, despite it being a highly successful tv series back in the nineties, its net presence is dreary at best. How can you go wrong when you mix a long-haired martial-artist and a Harley Softail Custom in one show? you. cant. With that formula he could be a ballerina and it'd still be a fantastic show. Damnit. (jim)
The Sentinel - love it, vid it, write it, whump it. Also morbid fascination at the sheer volume of slash attributed to the fandom, and Blair's haaaaaiirrrr....!!
Starsky&Hutch - flares...sneakers...torino...starsky's hair... ::collapses::
Magnum PI - he could hide a donkey in that moustache! and that's why i love him. (eh?)
Miami Vice - hardly needs commenting. It'd be perfect if Tubbs would take a long walk off a short pier, and if Crockett'd only wear socks. I have a thing about feet. Put them away!
Babylon 5 - another nostalgia trip for me, Garibaldi was one of my first fic-focuses, and it's just a fantastic show, with intelligence and wit and real drama. Credit where credit is due, dammnit.
Stargate SG1 - the fandom that introduced me to fiction, gave me a circle of friends that i'd keep for years and years and lots of good memories. Jack's my man. I'll have none of this Daniel crap. Grr.
Stargate Atlantis - oh for the love of McSnark!!! Get me a jaded and bitter but brilliant scientist, instantly. Yum.
Strange - english occult sci-fi show cancelled after one season. It should have gone on. It was fantastic. There was curly hair. Oiy.
MacGyver - whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! ::coughhackdie::
The A-Team - look, it's starbuck! but with nastier hair! and Murdock, possibly the best relief character ever.
Knight Rider - just... hair.
Battlestar Galactica - the orginal, you cretins. For wonky effects and groovy cylons and starbuck and his gorgeous haaaaaiiirrrr... (has anybody noticed a recurring theme yet?)
Bread - it's for the fam-i-lee! and yes, i am aware no-one will know what i am going on about. nevermind eh?
House MD - new, genius, i want him, and his cane, forever, and, i, seem, to have a, comma, problem,,,,,,,
KurtRussell/JohnCarpenter - yes dammnit it's a fandom, shaddup. Everything they ever did together is fantastic.
Scrubs - dr cox is a bit of a looker, heyhey. Also - with the funny.
Dr Quinn Medicine Woman - have you seen Sully's haaaaiirrrrr???!! And he gets whumped regularly.
Firefly - clever, clever. Moved Joss up five places in my estimation. Plus Joss is a whump-writer for his male characters so i dip into a lot of his fandoms. All the characters are excellent 'cept Book who annoys the fuck outta me.
Buffy - don't own any but watch when i can, just clever and snarky and Xander's washboard stomach is MINE.
M.A.S.H - hooray for Hawkeye and Trapper
X-Men - right though from the comics to the tv cartoon to the movies. Movie Wolverine is no where near as savage as he should be, but Hugh Jackman appeases me somewhat. Prr.
CSI - the only serious show i watch without a gorgeous guy being the main attraction. I love Gil, but i can truthully say i'd still watch if he left, it's a great show. CSI Miami is not as good. If Horatio left i'd stop watching.

Johnny Depp, Val Kilmer, Hugh Jackman, Fred Dryer, Rick Hunter, Richard Coyle, Jerry Doyle, Paul Michael Glaser, Don Johnson, Dirk Benedict, Lorenzo Lamas, Dennis Quaid, Kurt Russell, Alan Tudyk, Tom Selleck, Wolverine, that indian bloke, that presenter from springwatch bloke, Paul McGann, that girl from girlfight, that woman from badgirls, Geraint Wyn Davies, Barry Van Dyke, that guy from war films (hell yeah i've done my research for this section), Charlie Sheen, Richard Dean Anderson, the guy from Bread, Viggo Mortensen, Rob Youngblood, Steven Weber, Ray Doyle, Sam Neil, Garrett Maggart, Vin Diesel...

Is sure to contain icons from time to time, lots of talk about whumping, observations on fandoms old and new, writings, art, photography and just about everything else. No heavy personal stuff, because that's mine alone, and no meme's because they irritate the hell out of me. I don't post much at all, only really when i have something particular to show or say. Sometimes three times a week, sometimes once a fortnight. I comment on Flist journals lots though.

I listen to almost anything that makes my spine shiver. From Avril Lavigne and Linkin Park to Peter Gabriel, Guster, Coldplay, Tears For Fears, Gåte, Billy Joel, ELO, Sarah Brightman, Supertramp... i do often favour the older bands and have a fondness for everything eighties so that includes music too.

The graphics header for this kinda gives you the impression i'm now going to admit to cattle molestation, doesn't it? Well i'm not. It's Clint Eastwood's 'Jed Cooper' smiling at a calf he just rescued. Calf! Rescued! Smiling!! Shaddup.

I dabble in a variety of martial arts, including kickboxing, boxing, kung-fu, seiki-juku-karate-do (my first love and still my firm favourite), and sword-fighting. I'll go to any club that has regular full-contact sparring, because above all i love to fight. I love the feeling of power, i play dirty and i like it rough. Makes my blood sing.
I also play Octopush - underwater hockey. Not as wierd as it sounds, it involves a snorkel, fins, a short wooden stick, a puck that sits on the bottom of the pool and lots of holding ones breath and teamwork. Excellent sport.

I adore water, and spend a large percentage of my time under it. Submersion is peripheral heaven.

I took my Degree in Photography, and keep that up to a certain extent. My interest is in the abstract sci-fi experimental imagery, not conventional photography at all.
I am studying for a Degree in Psychology with the Open University, part-time. I'd like to teach at university level i think. I would love to have a career that would enable me to move to Norway and have a dog (a bull terrier called Onion). The important things in life!
In a few years time i plan to own an FXSTC Softail Custom Harley Davidson - 1990 model. It's not a dream, it's a fact.

I'm teaching myself several languages including Russian, Gaelic, Finnish and Norwegian (both bokmål and nynorsk) so if you want to jump in for a multilingual chat i'll be more than happy to oblige. Drastvuytyuh og hei! Vil du kom snakke med meg?

And finally: i have a weakness for the South African accent, and chopsticks are my weapon of choice.

My languages journal: pheralgrowling
My homepage: pheral.co.uk (icons, fiction, random stuff, course marks, links, etc...)
My photography: peripheralvisions

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