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growling at the edges
I know, i'm horribly non-existent these days years (it took me four tries to remember my password and i actually just had to go check the code for Lj cuts, that's just saddening), and that likely won't change (despite missing you guys like blazing heck), but i'm currently besotted enough with the new BBC three-part series 'Sherlock' that i actually wrote something ::falls screaming off chair::

I felt I wanted to share it with some of the Sherlock lj communities that have sprung up, because i'll certainly be reading the fic others are writing, and even if mine is very rusty and not really very good, i thought people might want to read.

Interesting thing update: I have a motorbike finally, which has been both terrifying and awesome, luckily more awesome now than terrifying. I'm on twitter at http://twitter.com/mypheralside with a private account if anyone on my flist wants to talk life and whump and fandoms, come find me.

I really hope you guys are all doing great and carrying the fandom whump torch on lj, give me a life update in a comment if you're not too annoyed by my inability to keep up with Lj!

A missing mini-whump scene for Sherlock episode The Blind Banker, 'A Better War'Collapse )

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Holy christ, i've written more fic in the past few days than in the whole of this year. I've also written for some fandoms i said i never would - Firefly, Heroes, Scrubs and House. All fandoms i knew i could never do justice in plot or dialogue. Happily, whumpfics require neither. :P

My mum said goodnight to me as i wrote the last of these, at 12:37am on Christmas Day, and suggested that in order that i could go to bed i make the story read, "There once was an ending." :P
I have to say, although it was really hard work, i'm kinda proud that i knuckled down and wrote them all! Although some of them turned out awful (okay, a lot of them), i also produced some stuff i didn't know i could. Oh - quick warning, there are probably lots of mistakes as i've not had the chance to check through them even once. Apologies for typos and such, i'll find time to check them over and adjust over the next few days.
I hope that lots of you can enjoy all the fics, so that if yours is a little short on length and whump, you have others to fill up on.

So, Merry Christmas! Click on the relevant lj-cut below to read your whumpfic gift...

To: itneversnows. Fandom: kf:tlcCollapse )
To: beccadg. Fandom: Blood TiesCollapse )
To: gumnut. Fandom: Knight RiderCollapse )
To: moonbeamsfanfic. Fandom: HeroesCollapse )
To: vespurrs. Fandom: SupernaturalCollapse )
To: evil_little_dog. Fandom: Simon & SimonCollapse )
To: spockish_girl. Fandom: St:tosCollapse )
To: myhappyface. Fandom: XfilesCollapse )
To: knights_13. Fandom: kf:tlcCollapse )
To: dknightshade. Fandom: FireflyCollapse )
To: selmak. Fandom: House/ScrubsCollapse )

Ooh, and for christmas on Lj, vespurrs got me a delicious cookie, and evil_little_dog wrote me an adorable Simon & Simon whumpfic!

Well, i hope you're all having a fantastic Christmas day. Xmas Eve was lovely for me, i helped my mum make her trifle and then the stuffing, we decorated the table ready for todays meal, and i took regular breaks from writing fic to go and squeeze christmas presents under the tree! That has all been interspersed with the odd episode of various shows to help with inspiring the whumpfics, and eps of Space Precinct and Dr Quinn Medicine Woman as those seasons gradully download on my computer. Oh Sully, your hair makes my world a better place.
And yesterday me and dad went to Waitrose - a chain of supermarket with a store near Sidmouth, which is about 40mins from us. We don't go often because it's expensive, but it's a wonderful store. They have friendly staff, a clean and bright shop, some great fair-trade standards, excellent food... it's just a really great chain store compared to most others, so we bought all our specific Christmas-meal stuff there. The queues went right around the store and it took us 25mins to get to the tills! But the staff were handing out chocolates along the way, and we had fun.

This morning we're just back from Exeter Cathedral's morning church thing (we're not religious, but my parents enjoy the choir and the tradition) and this was the first time i tried it. And my god, i am never going again. :s We're back now for a cup of tea and BLT lunch, maybe some present opening, and then Xmas Dinner later on (i have three types of amazing deserts from Waitrose). To finish off this post, here's two bits of festiveness in photos. Our tree on Christmas Eve, my computer at night with seasonal blue-star LEDs that i bought for my comp at work, and The Saint scratched into the frost on our car on a cold morning. :P

I'd love to see all your trees (or however you decorate for the season), if you find time to post photographs into your Lj (i'll be checking all your journals tonight or tomorrow to catch on festivities and fics), or in comments here. Merry Christmas everyone. :D

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Well hey, if you ever need someone to just disappear in a completely ninja-like and without-a-bye-or-leave type way, you know just who to call don't you? I still don't have time to come back to Lj in any full-time way, but a recent dose of crack from my very own Anonymouse Santa has inspired me to come back for Christmas and briefly spread some festive whumping joy. Because Christmas is populated by all kinds of pointy stab-worthy things, like icicles, reindeer antlers and christmas-tree stars... it would really be a pity to waste them. >:D

So, i am taking requests for:

~ Festive Whumpfic Gifts! ~

I know, most boring title ever. I couldn't think of anything witty. This doesn't bode well for the fics does it? Anyway - the idea is (and i'm sure a few of you may be doing this on your lj's too) that everyone on my Friendslist can request a Festive Whumpfic from me, in any fandom you like (i can write most anything, but i'll let you know if i *seriously* don't think i can write the one you choose, and you can choose again). Fics will likely be tiny snapshots of pain, anything from a paragraph to a page long, and those fandoms i don't know will likely be smaller fics. Feel free to check with me first as to whether i know a fandom, if you want a slightly longer fic.

Fics will be posted in a dedicated entry on Christmas day, or i can post earlier upon request if you're not allowed to access the net on that day.

Fics will be whump-focused, there will be much blood-spitting, limb crunching, teeth-gritting goodness, and all characters will be left thoroughly battered. If you want to you can specify details such as the character you want whumped, type of injury, characters involved in comforting... whatever you like.

Comment in this post with your requests! I'll take requests up to the end of the 23rd Dec.


Whee, whumpfic! I'm all excited at the prospect now (and a little scared that i either won't be able to write anything, or they'll be rubbish when i do). Quick, a hasty update on what's been happening to me: Work is going very well, i've been doing so good this year that my boss is getting me managerial training early in 2008 and making me SEO Manager! Awesome! My Psych course for this year is over, i got my results last week and to my surprise i got a Distinction again. 94% in my exam! Crikey. Next year is Biological Psychology and it starts February. I have a personal trainer (how incredibly posh of me, but it's surprisingly affordable) who is helping me build muscles (hee), and i now work out four times a week. The pigtails necessary for chest-presses and lycra necessary for sweat wick-age make me look like a pr0ny schoolgirl. Ahwells. My finances are doing really well, i've just signed up for a pension, am paying off my student debt as fast as i can and building an emergency fund. Next year i have to move out, and will probably have to settle for a house-share in beautiful Budleigh Salterton.

Ttoo many new fandoms to cover, but getting my attention at the moment are Blood Ties, Moonlight, and The Streets of San Francisco, for which i have launched a fansite: www.thestreetsofsanfrancisco.net (omg steve keller, how are you so hot?)

Right, this is a post-and-run. I really hope you are all doing well, i've been thinking about you all even though i've not been here. If there's anything that's happened that you want me to share in, please comment or link me to a post you want me to read - sorry to ask you to do that, but it's the best i can do for now!

::gallops off with limbs-a-flailing::

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I'll try and summon something more than "omgsqueeeeee ::flailcollapse::", but it's going to be tough.

on supernatural ep22 (SPOILERS)Collapse )

And for those who don't want spoiled, but just want to know whether it's something to look forward to or not? Let's just say that, dudes, it was fucking awesome, and after that i am looking forward to season three SO much more!

And hooray for siluria coming to visit me sometime in juuuuune! We shall eats sweets and have pancakes and watch Mag7 so i can see Perlman in a cowboy hat. Mmmmmm.
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Well, i came back to a fully downloaded Spn ep22, only to find it was a bastard of a duff file planted by some fuck-ass jackfucks who have nothing better to do than make people irritated enough to kill them ded. Don't worry, i haven't actually killed anyone. I don't know where they live.

So, while i start again with the downloading, we need some more quotes from my work:

Me: "I can't barter, I get guilty. Sometimes if they're friendly i want to pay them more. It goes the other way. 'Here, have a tip'."
Phil: "Don't eat yellow snow."
Me: "Oh ha ha. We don't get snow here, that's not even useful. You could at least make it something useful. Like..."
Phil: "...?"
Me: "... i can't think of anything."
Phil: "Don't look a gift horse in the mouse. In the mouse??"
Me: "Don't look a gift horse in the mouse!?"
Phil: "It's a strange one i know."
Me: "Is it because the gift horses don't like you looking at their mice? Stop staring at my mouse."
Phil: "That's my mouse..."
Me: "...get your own."

phil: "You're brain is as...erm..."
me: "I thought you were going to say something like 'your brain is as squishy as the rest of you', or something."
phil: "Yes, well, i don't know, i've not squished you recently."
me: "Ahaha, "i've not squished you recently.."."
phil: "I think you'd have noticed... I'd have to do it secretly. Yes, I waited 'til you were asleep on the sofa sometime and then came up and squished you."
mark: "Isn't that illegal?"

and more cut for length Collapse )

And if i ever wrote a book? It would be about this...

'Gordon Bennett & the Server of DOOM!'
Gordon Bennett is no ordinary cat, he's a cheshire cat, meaning he can't wear red. Despite this disability, and the fact that his claws make an awful sound on his keyboard, he nevertheless manages one of the biggest server centers in the UK and handles thousands of clientelle a week. But one day, Gordon's server rebels, sucks him into its circuitry, and shoves the Scottish cat into a journey that will make him wish he hadn't eaten so many donuts the night before.

Does the phrase 'gordon bennett' translate humourously into Americanese?
Our server guy is called Gordon, is scottish, rotund, and i totally want to make him into a cheshire. The End. Again.

(faster BitTorrent, FASTER!)

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My body might be here at work, but my brain is back home staring at my progressing download of Spn's final episode, watching that bar creeeep across the screen. Deeeeeean! Saaaaaam! Impaaaaaaaala! ::wails and gnashes teeth::

So to get us through this traumatic, trialling time, let's have to recent comments from my workplace (i have better ones, but they're all at home. maybe i'll share them later after work, if i'm still waiting for the download):

Me: "I need brain implants so i can control my computer using my mind."
Phil: "You need what?"
Me: "Brain implants."
Phil: "I thought you said something about needing pants."
Me: "Yes, i need a brain in pants."
Phil: "So basically, you need a man?"

Nigel: "...maybe it's time to get our diaries together..."
Phil: "What good will getting their diaries together do?"
Me: "Well maybe they'll..."
Phil: "...mate? And have a little notebook."

Mark: "Dave, when you have 5 minutes, can i have 7 to 10 minutes to talk about something?"
Me: "You know, that's really not going to work."

[discussing finding a worker part-time work]
Dave: "I'm sure you could pick up an 18 year old..."
Nigel: "I assure you, i've tried, and i can't."
Dave: "Why does it always come out WRONG!?"

Me: "My chair sounds like a duck!"

I won't share the conversation me and Phil had about singing leopardskin thongs. Because, disturbing. Oh, and we got a baby Grand Piano last night. Hee. I can play Chitty Chitty Bang Bang already, which my coworker this morning informed me was about blokes in the army getting sex. I think i'll sing it with more gusto now.
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a: supernatural's last episode is this week SQUEE!
2: heroes last episodes is next week AAAIIE!
f: my heart is being eaten alive by my new fandom obsession.
98: i had to tell someone about how many layers of thermal underwear i was wearing in bed last night.

So, i am going to be posting this, checking back on a few pages of Flist to see how you all are, and answering old comments. Psych essay bedamned, tonight i... TAKE BACK THE INTERNET!! Rawr!

So, first things first, before my brain asplodes, i must tell you about the glorious love that is "Beauty & The Beast". Or as i know it, "Some Woman & OMG HIS SNOUT GSNARLG NNGSNRGF JFDSAUIH GAJ!"
The former may be catchier, but the latter is truest to my heart.

So yes, i have been spending the last month or so stuck to my television screen with drool, watching sweet heroic angstful Vincent battle the world above, prejudices against his look (what is going on there?? He's fucking gorgeous! The only thing he has to be worried about is being savaged by hoardes of fangirls on the streets of NY), and roars deliciously when he loses control. And inbetween i'm sure he sleeps sometimes, and washes (mmm), and probably eats but we've never seen him do it. Maybe the fangs make it messy. Anyway, for those that don't know this show it's an eighties modern reworking of the traditional fairy tale, played out in NY with Vincent as the Beast (Ron Perlman SQUEE!) living underneath the city in a secret network of tunnels where he is safe. Season one just got released on dvd, and i've just managed to order the rest of the seasons bootleg, so i don't have to wait for the officials to watch all the other eps. Whumping ahoy in season three, wheee!!


more batb icons: let that dark side out...Collapse )

Everytime he snarls, i lose all coherant thought and try to eat my tv. Cleft lips for the win.

And omg Supernatural!! Re penultimate episode: NooooooooooooooooOOOooooOOOoooOOoooooOOO!! Omg omg omg ::jiggles:: I can't wait for tomorrow night. I'm going to get up at 3am and start downloading, so i can maybe watch it before i go to work on Friday if i'm lucky. Dean! Sam! Impala! ::heaves desk out window::

In other news: i have an Archos 604 personal media player for watching eps of stuff on the move, it's very shiny. Parents bought me a tent for my birthday, still choosing, but looking at a Terra Nova Laser Competition, weighing in at 1kg. Also shiny. And work is killing me ded, i am training a new employee who is vastly under-qualified and i'm going slowly insane.

The end.

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Dudes, i am being entirely crap. I didn't get back to lj when i said i would in my last post, i'm so sorry. Looks like it's best to presume i'm taking a haitus, as study is three weeks behind, and RL is playing havoc. I miss you all like heck, and i desperately want to share with you all which eighties series is currently responsible for ripping out my heart and leaving it bloody and squelchy in front of my tv (why do i keep watching these shows?? i must be some kind of masochist), but i don't want to post if i can't keep up with my flist. So, back to the books for now, and i'll get back to lj when things have calmed down somewhat!

I'll still be emailing plenty (particularly to dknightshade who has emailed me the most wonderful bouts of stargate fanfic feedback, which i keep rereading to get that grin back on my face!), so get in touch if you want a chat. And i'm going to check older comments now and reply to any that are still relevant. Stay well, you lot. :* (that was a leetle kees for joo)
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On my way back home from Belize, through Miami, a nice gentleman who lives in the Bahamas said to me, "I'm sure you'll be disappointed to hear that the UK is having a cold-streak at the moment."

Disappointed?! After ten days of sweating and blistering (literally) with the heat, i was about bloody ready to move into my refrigerator! So to say it was hot is an understatement - stepping off the plane in Belize City was much like stepping into a sauna. Luckily the temperature fluctuated, and out on the Caribbean cays there were some lovely breezes, but several times in central Belize i broke out in water-blisters i was so boiling.

The holiday was... interesting. In many ways it could be considered a complete disaster. In a lot of ways it was an amazing piece of education. Altogether it was something i am very proud i got through.

On the second day (luckily after a very awesome trip to the Belize Zoo where i held a Boa Constrictor over my shoulders and fed a black Jaguar by hand) i got sick. A chronic headache was followed by nausea, and throwing up for two nights straight. That was followed by two days of not eating, after which i finally managed to keep some crackers down. I was pretty much in hell over those four days, despite being on the most beautiful Glovers Reef Island, surrounded by aqua waters, staying in a very nice Cabana and reading Kolchak The Night Stalker short stories.
Luckily i got well just in time to be allowed to go long for the second part of the trip, which involved kayaking down a river in inland Belize, camping along the way, and doing some very cool white-water stuff. It was two to a kayak, and i really loved steering from the back, and heaving our way through twisting white-water and ten-foot falls! Despite the fact that the tents were wet, nothing ever dried, and frequent downpours would leave us freezing and shivering (followed within ten minutes by the return of the blistering sunshine, at which point we instantly became overheated again, lol), it was the best part of the trip for me and i've developed a definite interest in white-water kayaking.

On the final night, in a nice hotel, my temperature sky-rocketed, i felt freezing cold, and the glands in my armpits swole up to the size of golfballs. The saving grace of the trip was that i had the most supportive, fantastic group, and i was looked after so much. I ran straight to the friend staying in the room next to me, we went to another fantastic member of the group who checked me out and recommended drugs to take my temp down, and together they regulated my room temperature for me so that i didn't accidentally boil myself without realising it. I'm so glad both the groups members (there were 9 others in all) and our guides were so friendly, helpful and concerned for me. We've all swapped emails, and soon i should get lots of photos others took to add to my own.

I'm back home now, my blood test came back all clear and i'm back on the malaria tablets again (i'd stopped taking them suspecting it was them that made me ill, but it seems not). I still have a slight temperature, swollen glands, frequent acid-heartburn, nausea and cramping, but i'm eating and i'm going to work, and things are gradually getting better. Plus my doctor was lovely (he was a trainee, didn't yet have his GP and was videoing his sessions for training purposes! He was very thorough and friendly, yay).

The culture shock when i came home was intense, and not what i was expecting all. Likewise, Belize hadn't been what i was expecting at all either. It's a real third-world country, they're pretty damn poor, and the standard housing is stilted wood cabins (Belizian) or mud shacks with thatching (Mayan). Trash lines the roads. After ten days of that, and camping, to come home to a flushing toilet and so much stuff in the house has been really strange. I feel very dazed, and overwhelmed. Might be the temperature and the jetlag at work too though. :P
It was a pleasure to meet the locals, and hear the stories some of our guides had to tell. That Caribbean attitude of slowness was rife out on the cays, and was so lovely to encounter.

All in all, it was amazing, very difficult, and i'm awfully, awfully glad to be home. :D

Without further ado, have some photos and descriptions, hooray!Collapse )

And now... i have a tutorial tomorrow, a whole ton of studying to catch up on, loads of new eps of Heroes, Supernatural and Dresden Files to watch, and no energy at all. Very happy it's the weekend, i can't wait to sleep all the way through Sunday. Men In Tights just arrived on dvd in the post and will accompany my fatigue tonight i think, and i'm off to have dinner. Forgive me if i don't check my Flist until maybe after the weekend, and catch-up on old comment replies and email might be around then too.

Crikey people, what a trip.

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Pant-shortage crisis! And we're talking English-type pants here. Where have they all gone? And why have they all gone there now??? Because tomorrow morning i jet off to Belize for ten days of kayaking and snorkelling with an American friend, and i definitely need pants.
We're doing this: http://www.rei.com/adventures/trips/latin/bua.jsp
I had wanted to do an equipment post and all kinds of exciting I'm Going On A Trip Yay type posts, but none of them materialised. And tonight i discovered that i have too much stuff to fit in my new shiny rucksack. BASTARD! So i am using my old crummy rucksack. Also, i gave up on the leg waxing idea after it stung, made my skin bumpy, and took off a grand total of one hair. I give up. I'll go Amazon-woman. I don't care! Gah.
Oh, and i failed to get a sunhat or sunglasses. I should pick those up in the airport (the whole journey is taking me 27 hours, 8 of which i will be spending roaming JFK airport. Bleurgh), they're probably the two most important things. My brand new shiny phone and upgraded digital camera are unlikely to prevent me from suffering heatstroke (and i do rather succumb to that easily).

Sorry i've been so absent, i've had an assignment due as well as getting ready for this trip. I'll drown you all in pics and details when i return from the land of 85% humidity! Eeee!

Take care all, i'm back on the 26th of March. If there are things you want me to see while i'm away, comment here with links so i can see it all when i get back. Hermine, enjoy your holiday toooo! :D

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How is it i have done so much, yet achieved so little this weekend? I have worked my fucking ass off, and concluded nothing. I RANT! ::rampages::

We shall ignore, also, the SINFUL haitus in Spn's showing schedule, and instead focus on the splendour that is The Dresden Files. The man carries a hockey-stick as a weapon!! I'm buying one right this second. You all need to check out the show, if only for that one weapon-related cool thing. Also, there's wizardy fun, whump, and Dresden is the hot. In a scruffy way. Which is the best way of being hot. Plus, they fade out to black&white contrast snaps, so i have to do no work at all to make hasty icons. Score!

Feel free to use if you like. :)

Give it until ep3, because up until then i was disappointed, but Hair Of The Dog turned me.

And yay we kicked English ass in the rubgy at the Croker! Was tense, considering the history, but it all went down well and we fairly belted out Amhrán na bhFiann. :D

In Pointy Things news, my throwing knives arrived! They are the most awesomely gorgeous things, they are heavy and sharp and black and fantastical. I've already nearly chopped my finger off, so all is proceeding as planned. :P Next is to be getting a knife-throwing book, so as to not be killing every living thing in my garden when i practise throwing.

And speaking of pointy things, we should all send good vibes to redwolf, she of the violent scooter crashings. Hope you're recovering fast! Bring me gore, i now have a pointy-things icon to go with your surgical scalpel icon. >:D

Also, effing christ knights_13, you're quick off the mark!!

me: "Hey, we should sweet-swa..."
knights_13: ::gallops out to store, buys candy, posts to pheral::
me: "...p."

I spent saturday and sunday savaging peanut-butter related candies, making myself generally quite ill in a wonderful way, and totally ruining all my meals. Whoo! I am loving the OhHenry! bar. The Max5 rock also, i think i got one of those before and adored. And the caramel Reece's cups? Omg. It's almost too much good to accept. Thank you SO MUCH Mitch! It's a parcel of heaven in fantastic canadian/french packets. I love the way even when the packet just says 'with', they still translate it. 'AVEC!'
Check your po-box in a week or so, a parcel went out today. ;)

Quick pimp - myhappyface is doing a scrumptious series of screencaps/thoughts on Angel, right from the first ep. It has pretty, go check it.

And finally: don't worry people, IT WILL ALL BE OKAY! ::pats you on the head::

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just a quick notification - unless my computer has a totally wierd and unexpectedly sudden aversion to msn, it appears hotmail is fucked. over 8 hours of downtime on thursday evening, back on friday, and it's been down all day today, so i can't get any mail. i've just switched my lj comment notifications over to my backup email, so i'm only being notified of replies as of now. i'll catch up on any replies you made before now when hotmail sorts it's ass out.
In the meantimne, if anyone wants to email me you can use pheral@whumpfix.com or comment here. i'm off to fume silently into my fish pie.

EDIT: haha, the bastard's fixed! wonder how long that will last. must have heard me complaining.
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i discovered Led Zeppelin! i'm only forty years late. i was totally expecting some heavy metal, but i was completely wrong, and i love the evangelical rock thing they have going on. Plus, hey, the Supernatural S2 opening ep was named after a Zeppelin track! Dean would be so proud of me. (he'd probably be so proud he'd jump me right? right. so i'm off to imagine that for a while...)

Thoughts on Houses of The Holy, & S2 in general: holy vibrating Dean!Collapse )

And yay, i'm buying a rowing machine! i fell in love with the machine at the Gym, but i only went once and can't seem to get the courage to go again (moonbeamsfanfic and gumnut are likely to understand that i think) and i miss the machine. so i'm trying to decide on a make and model. Anyone got any recs? i gather an air rower has a nicer feel than a magnetic rower, but the cheaper ones tend to blow the air at you and are a bit noisy. i have no way of telling if the difference in feeling is going to be enough to persuade me against a magnetic (which is quiet and fanless). Help?

Also, i had Comment Fic-Wars with Gumnut! (Original Fic VS Supernatural. BRING IT ON.) i so won. Speaking of which, can any Spn fans on my flist go check out Nuttys post here and maybe help her and i with Dean whumpfic recs? Would be muchly appreciated.

And finally, madness at work:

Me: "When can we instate the server spam filter on our other websites?"
D: "Once we're sure there are no... alien... aliens??"
Me: "Once we're sure aliens don't exist then we can instate the spam filter??"
D: "I just don't know."

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hi guys, i'm working on comment and Flist catchups and things, but in the meantime i have a favour to ask...

is there anyone currently living in the US who would be willing to take delivery of some throwing knives for me? there's a guy on ebay has the triple set i'm after, but will only ship to the US. i can't find the set anywhere else, so i'm hoping someone can take delivery and then send them on to me? i have no idea about laws for this sort of thing, but i have found stores in america that ship knives to the UK, so i think it's all legit to send those sorts of things over here. i'd provide money for postage of course, and grovel at your feet for many moons to come.

if anyone feels they'd be okay to help out, that'd be great. and if not, no sweat at all, i shall find a way. we have the technology! WE CAN REBUILD HIM! dah dah dah daaaaaah, dah dah dah dah dah dah dah daaaaah. dudududududududududud! ::presses 'enter' key in slow motion::

EDIT: success! the fantastical fleta (a friend of a friend: beccadg) came out of lurkdom to save me like the white knight she is.
and NB: crikey, are *any* of you guys actually from america?? i mean, i'd never realised how in fact almost my entire Flist is made up of canadians and australians. crazy. :P
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There's one major problem with having all my friends online, and that is that when i get that raving new-show obsession, that bonkers-for-it running-up-the-walls who-needs-sleep obsession, i have no way to let it out. if i had someone to talk to verbally (other than myself) i think it wouldn't be so acute, but no, instead i have to walk around the house as if everything is normal and meantime my brain is going completlely utterly mad. Dean mad! Impala mad! Dean-driving-an-Impala MAD! MMAAAAADDDD! ::grips desk::
Every time that car engine gurgles i go into fits of ecstasy. knights_13 we are so overdosing on Supernatural whump when you come visit!

I love the psychologies and character focus they've got going in this show, how everything shifts and changes with the circumstances and how you can see exactly why each characters bad and good points have come about. I love Dean's weaknesses and his strengths, i love how his brother is good for him, i love his desperation for his family. And i love the fact that he is so fantastically shut-off and guarded, and you can see the tears fill his eyes but he so rarely lets them go further. Gah. HOLD. ME. BACK.

Feel free to take. i'll make more, hopefully better ones soon. I've not iconned for ages, i'm out of practise.

I'm up to ep204 and i'm charging my way onward. I have two hours 'til Simon Said is downloaded, and then i can watch the next three. I'm desperate to join in Flist discussions, so just hold your horses and i'll be caught up in days!
In case you've not checked it out yet, i've ventured far enough into Lj spn fandom to find the hiyacunien journal, which rocks.

And you know the only thing disappointing me about my Region1 Supernatural DVD's, with all their fantastic bloopery extras? They didn't put english subtitles on the eps. Waaaaah! :( Does anyone know if there are english subtitles on the Region2 set? If so, i might buy them too.

Last weekend i was away to Ireland for my nanna's 80th (hence my Flist absence, sorry 'bout that), and on the way from the airport i went into Belfast to visit the Asia Supermarket. It's a fantastic place, at the end of the Ormeau Road past a load of housing estates, and i got tons of Ma Hwa Sesame Cookies, some preserved Chan-Pee Seedless Plums and some Lemon Juice Ginger in gorgeous little individual parcels. Booked into a hotel for the weekend (best to stay away from the messed-up family i find) and my cousin came over on Saturday to watch LotR's with me and talk geek. She's fantastic my cousin, a jewel in the rough.

Oh, and i must show you all what i am wearing around my neck these days. Recently there was an abundance of crab washed up on Budleigh Salterton beach, so i grabbed a few big claws, sawed them off, bored holes and strung them on leather cord.

And to finish, a small yet worrying snippet of some of a conversation me and my coworkers had on friday:

me: "I have NO idea what this chart means."
p: "There's lots of red, it's bad. warning!"
me: "No that's top ten, that's good!"
p: [in american accent] "Warning!"
me: "This says 'nine', that's good."
p: "Nein?? It's speaking German?"
m: "Yeah, it's trying to get her to invade Poland."
me: "Pooland?"
m: "That sounds like some kind of very nasty website."
p: "Sounds like a very bad idea for a childrens play area."
me: "Go on Bobby, go and jump on the giant inflatible poo!"
m: "Lets go on the diarrhea run!"
p: "I want to ride on the floaters!"

Now, i go eat. Tomorrow evening, i go Kung Fu! Haaaaiiii! ::chop::

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