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growling at the edges
I got a pay raise! So i am no longer the lowest paid worked in THE WHOLE WORLD. I'm the second lowest. Getting a raise seems to now just serve to remind me how little i actually get each month, and how much money i spend on random crap. I have nothing to show for my wage but a huge and perilously stacked pile of dvd's that is sure to topple over and crush me to death one day. Oh the irony.

On the less whingey side of my face, we have the news that knights_13 has been converted to the Simon&Simon brotherly-love side of the force, whee!! Ha, my pimping rules. I shall now pimp more, more, MORE i tell you! Mooowahaha. Click the cut for several more short clips of Rick looking after his scrumptious little brother, and vice versa. (sorry the clips are such crappy quality, i really don't have more time to spend on them than this. Buy the dvds, then they'll be all sparkly clear! ::pimp pimp pimp::)

Lady sandwich! Okay so this isn't a clip. It's a picture. And who put that woman in the way anyway!? wistful_fever? They're virtually kissing right? You do know these incest voices inside my head are your fault, right? Yeesh.

brace! brace! brotherly comfort ahoy!Collapse )

Oh, and i was wondering, does anyone else have subtitles on while they're watching shows? I do it all the time, i just like having the words there in front of me... and i was wondering if others did that too.

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I've just spent about an hour pissing around with various converters, and signing up to YouTube. I love how there are about five million alerts saying you can't upload copyright TV content, and i'm like "fra la la" click click click. "Upload copyrighted material illegally? Select 'yes'" ::clicks yes:: La la.
It's worth the criminality, you guys have to watch this clip from Simon&Simon, the first season dvd's of which i got last week. In case you don't know the show, they're brothers who own their own detective agency. One's hot and vulnerable (eee!), one's protective and battle-scarred (eee!), and they both ask each other "are you okay?" at least once an episode. AAAARGH! ::licks dvds::

In this snippet, AJ (the hot and vulnerable one) gets shot with a tranquiliser dart, and his brother Rick has to try and get both of them out of the zoo alive - basically meaning he manhandles AJ all over the place and tries desperately to keep him quiet. And there's leg entanglement at the beginning! I said leg entanglement!!

I think the "saywhat?" that AJ mutters when they're faced with the 'doggy' is so adorable, he sounds so confused and trusting, he's really trying to understand what's going on. And it's also worth noting to anyone who's not seen the show before that they're pretty tender with each other normally, and Rick really is pushed to extremes in this situation, even going to the extent of elbowing poor AJ in the stomach to get him to stay quiet.

And you know what, there are eight more seasons of this fantastic relationship. I hardly know where to put myself, really.

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HOLY SQUIRREL SHAT! (come to think of it, i don't think i've ever seen squirrel-shit. I'd not know a holy squirrel shit if it hit me on the head! Although i imagine it'd be solid gold or something, or with a halo, so it'd be hard to miss... what the hell am i going on about??)

I just watched the first two episodes of Heroes, and MY.GOD, i can't be expected to sleep after that, that was amazing!! I can however be expected to giggle insanely for two hours straight, run loops around my room, and chitter at LimeWire in a crazed attempt to encourage it to download faster, faster i say! Hiro is utterly fantastic, the Indian chap has the most relaxing voice ever, the druggy is yummy, the cheerleader is just sorta okay (which beats 'hateable' anyday), the blonde woman i've seen elsewhere and is the most beautiful vision of gorgeousness ever, the sensitive brother is such an amazingly wonderful representation of hope, and.. and... ::combusts::
I am in shock.
So let's move on.

I've had an okay Christmas. My parents surprised me with an LG Lightscribe DVD Writer, which i adore. My boss at work surprised me with a lack of raise, meaning i am now officially the lowest paid worker in THE WORLD EVER. Which i do not adore. My most fantastic friend silverhammerism surprised me with a kick-ass cowboy hat, and a little compass pendant with the motto "Hazard yet forward!" inscribed on it. I shall never take it off. And siluria made me this utterly edible Hugh Jackman icon i'm using, with which i am in love.
The fandom mayhem maintains, and recently knights_13 did her pimping duty and got me well and truly hooked on Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. Sweet crack. knights_13, i am at your mercy. May i present to you all the most manhandling i have seen in a show so far, in just one episode:

S1, Ep8, 'Challenge'

I've also been watching lots of The Champions, Highway To Heaven, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, and am eagerly anticipating the arrival of the first season of Simon & Simon in the post. Brothers! Brothers caring for each other! wistful_fever, break out the incest fic! Woohoo!! Which brings us to Supernatural, which is also arriving shortly in the post from amerikay. Although, for 2007, i would quite like the slash thoughts to not be deluding my brain night and day. When you start slashing father/son relationships (don't look at me like that knights_13, it's not my fault, they keep touching each other!!), that's when you start to worry.

I've been making websites, one of which was for myrebelcat, and you can see it here. You really should check out her fiction, she writes excellently. Putting her fics on the site has been quite a distraction!
Oh, and i dare say it's worth mentioning that i got my results for my first (9-month long) Psych course a few weeks ago, Exploring Psychology. I got a Distinction. Oh how i rock. :D I haven't been that wound-up about an exam score since my GCSE's! Next course starts Febuary.

So, happy New Year all. I'm going to settle down to watch LimeWire download eps 3-6 of Heroes, and play Diddy Kong Racing on the Nintendo64 i bought myself for Christmas. Whale Bay is a killer, i swear i get more overexcited at this game than any of those newfangled consoles they have these days. :P
Let's finish with two rather random icons. The one who can identify the fandom for the right-hand icon wins an emotionally truamatised superhero with a strategically ripped nylon suit. Mmm.

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I just had a can of Dr Pepper in the shower (i finished skating and was in equal desperate need of a drink and a shower, so i had both together) and i was drinking it, and my brain was confused as shit, going oh good god no don't drink the shower water DON'T DRINK THE SHOWER WATER WTF ARE YOU DOING???!!

And hey, jump-transitions from forward to backward skating are deceptively easy! I almost shrugged through one today, and put so little effort into the jump that i basically turned on my toes, but twas still perfect. Jump-transition from backward to front skating is harderer thoughs, because i'm not so good at skating backwards and therefore every time i crouch to prepare to jump i screw up my direction and end up facing downwards (face = pavement).

Ye all must observe the general coolness of this website. Sure the dude running it thinks he's got muscles up the kyber, but he has, so i reckon he's allowed to think it. Plus he's very funny (why the hell did i write that in italics?), and he showcases some awesome tricks, and inspired me to get all limber and headstandy tonight (i headbutted my sofa accidentally), so yay him.

And boo for folks seeing Ep5 of Torchwood before i do. Because LOOK HERE, we here in the UK hardly ever get our own shows that are decent so for gods sake when we do get them please have the courtesy to let me see them fiiiiiiiirst! Poopy.

And most finally: woe for the magnificent Stanley Tucci, for he hath chosen a humdinger of a rip-off series to star in. Yes, it's 3Lbs, about a brain surgeon called House Hanson who has a dibilitating physical mental problem, an entourage of medical students and supporting staff like Wilson Seger, and an attitude problem attitude problem. This is even more blatant that Mutant X. Oh noes. :(

There is no graphic with this post. THERE IS NO GRAPHIC WITH THIS POST! Holy shat my computer just went crazy. I'll go now then... ("now then"? When the hell is that anyway, it's temporally impossible!)

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It's one of those cold wintry days today, and i'm in a funk because Sundays is when Torchwood is on BBC3. Except we don't get Freeview in our area, so i have to wait 'til Wednesday to watch it. Bah! So, i thought while idly sproinging around the house, i'll make a pudding! And since evil_little_doggy has asked, and i had thought to anyway, i shall share the recipe with you all.
This is a pudding i make at least twice a week at the moment, as we have ten tonnes of apples from our apple tree in the garden. the original recipe (Eve's Pudding) was taken from The Belfast Cookery Book, but i've adjusted it a bit, and made some additions too...

ingredients, equipment, process, photos!Collapse )

So, consider me back on lj for a bit! I shall be on Flist watch from tonight onwards. :D The Psych exam was... terrifying, lol, but i know i didn't fail. Didn't do nearly as well as i could have either, but will know for sure around the 15th of December. ::wibble::

I shall now off for tuna and pasta before pudding, and then recommence sproinging...

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Sorry folks, think it's best if i officially bow out of Lj until after my Psych exam (hi willowfae! i'm giving up, lol, i can't handle everything!). It's on Oct 9th, and i have about four months worth of revision to do in three weeks. Am coming apart at the seams.
I'll be back on after then, and if in the meantime you make any posts you don't want me to miss (fic, icons, happenings, anything you want me to comment on), please post a comment here with a link to it, and i can check them all out when i come back. I'm sure i'll pop into my Flist every now and then, but i'd not count on it, and i'm unlikely to comment.
Email me if you wanna/needta chat. :)

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okay peoples, i know you're just busting to flood me in recommendations and novel-lists for st:tos.. so bring it on! i spent money i shouldn'ta at amazon recently, and so far have amassed a somewhat small pile to sink my teeth into. I have The Entropy Effect, The New Voyages Book 1 and The Price Of The Phoenix (rec'd by my silverhammerism. they look so orrsome!) . I also have A Social Treatise of The Construction Of Reality, The Doors Of Perception & Heaven And Hell and The Spell Of The Sensuous for psych reading pleasure.

the psych books look so interesting, and i'm 30 pages into the Sensuous one (really cool perspectives on consciousness and ecology combined).

So, considering i've made a start on buying tos novels already, we may as well get me some recs gathered. i would love:

recs for books and novels: i know there are novelisations of the eps out there, i'd love to get the whump eps. are there are webpages that detail which novel is for which ep, or something like that? amazon's listing for these books isn't complete enough to help me. if there are any other books you want to recommend please do.. but i only want whump (with Kirk as the whumpee) recs. and i don't want no angst-only stories. i'm a physical whumper at heart, and although i watch and adore the non-whump eps of the show, i'm not interesting in reading non-whump fiction.
If you've already rec'd some stuff (including the ep novelisations) in other comments can you bare to repeat it again here? i want it all in one place, and some of the things need clarifying, so i can ask you for help in these comments to track things down.

fic recs: again with the whumping please, again with it being Jim please, again with the less-of-the-angst. i've also really been enjoying k/s slash, so if there are any you want to recommend, nc17 or not, please do. the ones with spock as a relatively mature being as preferable, i don't particularly like the way he is often written as an emotionally immature child. kirk/sarek is good too. rec me kirk/mccoy and i'll scream (and not from pleasure, either).

poster recs: eventually i'll make my own, but in the meantime i'd love to get a poster or two for my room. any favourites you know of? the ones i've found so far are pretty drab... i prefer scene freeze-frame posters and such, or at least character centric.

music vid recs: ooh, no need to go looking, but if there are any you particularly love and have links hanging around, do share!

link recs: just... you know, things like the Five-Minute Eps, which vespurrs pointed me to, and the Star Trek Inspirational Posters, links to which have been everywhere, and the tosfic and community here on Lj... anything from the st:tos online presence that you reckon i should see.

[oh, and just a quick sidenote. i may be alone in this, but i don't enjoy hearing about the actors or show background. i love bloopers, but that's about the extent of it... so perhaps can we just keep discussion and recs to the characters and trek-verse here? ta. :D]

bury me with recs! bury meeeeee!

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this post is going to be nowhere near as dodgy as the title implies. disappointed? i am. so let's skip straight to the spider porn!

it was at the weekend, after me and my mate had come back from Bergen on the bus. it was a lovely night, and we'd had one of those incredibly giggly bus rides, the kind when you're making stupid sounds and poking each other and laughing like morons and suddenly you realise you've turned into the two kids at the front of the bus that you always hated because it was obvious they were having way more fun that you. it was great.
it was when we got to my mates front porch, wet from the rain, that we looked up and two medium size spidros. they were sitting on a web pretty close together, not moving much. we watched, because it's fairly unusual to see two anywhere near each other, and soon they started feeling each others legs (hey hey!). once they'd had a good feel, and we'd done lots of speculating about whether they were warming up for spider-sex, they suddenly clutched each other and squidged together! for a few seconds they stayed like that while (as we found out later from one of my mates wildlife books) the bloke spider passed things (presents, books, i don't know. possibly fertilised eggs, shaddup.) to the laydee spidro. then they parted, one of them heading off and the other tentatively trying to follow a few times in some kind of tragic soap-opera inspired moment. he gave up in the end though, and that was that. i say 'he', but it coulda been the laydee, it's not like one of them had a tiny beard or anything so it was hard to tell.

so, anyway, yay spider porn! (see R, i told them!)

on to the Trek. i've been steadily immersing myself over the last few weeks (and by 'steadily' of course i mean i downloaded every episode i can get my hands on, and at the moment am watching a half-broken 23% downloaded avi of A Private Little War because i simply can't wait to see the poison-whumpiness. i'm patient, me. :s).

one of the first eps i watched was Arena, and what, pray tell, is going on there?? in a way, with the hindsight of a load more episodes, i'm starting to love it. i mean, there aren't many series that would allow their hero such a flaw - with the whole bridge-crew wondering whether they're going to have to mutiny this war-driven captain who wants to exact revenge (policing, whatever you want to call it jim) on a race they know nothing about. it's pretty intense. i love that. a little heavy-handed maybe, and i've not watched it since so my irritation may have been tempered with time, but i'm no longer wanting to disregard the ep entirely. plus, he spends most of the ep fighting hand-to-hand with Hannibal in that costume he wore in the first ep of The A-Team (i swear, it's him! :P), and that whole part with the crew whump voyeurism is pretty darn awesome.
also, lol, i get Galaxy Quest now.
my love of trek has increased tenfold simply because of shatner's laugh (i've been watching the blooper reels). have you *heard* that man laugh?? he sounds like an ambulance siren. it's gorgeous. also, when he mouths 'i don't know what's going on!' into the camera, i nearly die of lust every time. i don't know why.

i am loving too, that raw, needy, delicate relationship that is spirk. oh they so adore each other. it's that side-glance, watching-and-waiting, making-hard-decisions kind of love. a love dominated by dependance, security and two personalities that conflict so beautifully that all they do is lean in opposite directions, but against each other, keeping each other from falling down. i saw it for real first in The Empath.

after jim is knocked out with the hypo, spock sits down beside him and looks down at his face, a lingering and thoughtful look. no doubt thinking about the huge responsiblities that rest on Jim's shoulders, the same responsiblities spock and mccoy have just taken from him (the spirkoy love! it's just as good. those three are just awesome together). the empath notices, and cocks her head in curiosity at what she feels. spock looks away, evidently embarassed by what she saw. she moves around and realisation dawns, and i swear she senses his love! she reaches out to comfort him. spirk love! spirk love! ::dances around monitor::

and need i congratulate the world for the whump in that ep? didn't think so. the way he was flopped helplessly on his tummy at one point just about did me in. The Trouble With Tribbles was fantastic, lol. jim's poor little disappointed face when he fnids out scotty wasn't defending him during the klingon fight. bless his heart. oh! and the whole last-orders conversation from the end of Tholian Web cracks me up every time! especially when at the end of the conversation when the camera roves away, a sneaky little happy smile creeps over jim's face. awww. ::flails::

so of course, the trek love brought on fic-searches at work. i think i'm developing a kirk/sarek kink. although, to be honest, i suspect it's because so many writers portray spock as an emotionally immature child-figure, and i don't like that. sarek at least gets to be intelligent and strong and comforting for kirk. there's a whole helluva load of slash out there for spirk, ain't there? don't you just love that their names combined the other way makes kock? mwaha (R, you can stop reading as soon as you get scared, mmkay? :P). the fic with the suspiciously shaped vibrating sander took the biscuit, especially when they started comparing tool festishes, lmao. oh, and speaking of vulcan porn, this fic has a fantastically interesting idea of vulcan genitalia. otherwise it's not a remarkable fic, there are some things i don't like about it, but i was just really intrigued by the physical ideas of the vulcan species sex. and having read a few k/s slash fics, this is hilarious. the laughter just kinda built up as i read, lmfao.

also, i got 93% for my latest Psych assignment. i fucking rule.

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well, my initial plans for spending the day in bed went out the window... because i took a wonderful trip into town with my mum and ended up spending 70quid on clothes. whee! and my further plans for this evening went out the window too. and for equally lovely reasons...

i was sitting at my comp browsing through a million emails i am too tired to answer, when my mum knocked. she said she and my dad just saw something on the news about tonight being a meteor shower night. so ensued a happy panic, as we ran around grabbing extra layers and blankets. i threw on a fleece and coat, my norwegian socks and a hat, and stumbled (all the lights were off :P) outside. we all flopped down on our backs, dad tangled himself in a large brown rug for a few minutes before finally getting it thrown over us, and we lay together staring up at the star-filled sky. then we started giggling. so after about five minutes of pretty much constant giggling, we saw our first shooting star, and it was beautiful. we saw quite a few, lying there, and did lots of speculating on what we'd do if one headed straight for us (dad: "you two roll that way, i'll roll this way!" me: "i seriously doubt that would prevent our fiery fiery death. i'm planning on screaming." dad: "fair enough").
about forty minutes after we got out there, the noises started. we have a regular hedgehog visitor, so we pretty much knew it was him, but it didn't prevent me getting steadily more and more jittery as the crunching and skittering noises got louder, and eventually announcing "christ it's a fucking massive hedgehog and i'm getting up now" (which, if you haven't guessed by now, led to more giggling). so we switched positions (i sheltered behind my mums legs) for a bit, eventually dad went in to bed and left me and mum (back in our original side-by-side positions) watching stars and braving the massive hedgehog of doom. there was some incredibly cute hedgehog sneezes. after a while the noises got louder, and as we stayed very quiet we could hear it's pitter-patter get closer and closer as it worked its way round the pond. lifting my head a bit, i was able to watch as the gorgeous little thing came within a foot of my mums head. she turned to me and said "it's just a baby!" and it heard and scarpered.
after our fill of shooting stars, we went inside and used a torch to make some hot chocolate (we used the torch to see while making the hot chocolate, not to actually make it. heating milk with a torch would take a damn long time). we sat drinking it on the garden steps, and soon i heard shifting gravel. the hedgehog came up to our patio, hoovered its way along the bricks (seriously, there's so much inhaling going on with those animals, it's crazy) and came all the way up to our feet. we sat there still as statues, breathing cool night air as the hedgehog nosed along the step below our feet. it poked its nose up into the moonlight, and took a sniff. heading away from us calmly, it stepped on a leaf which crackled, scared the bejeezus out of itself and exited stage left in a complete panic. i love our hedgehog. :D

so. a day well spent, and a wonderful evening. we came in from the stars at about 1am, and it's now 5.44am, because sleep would be folly when st:tos icons could be made:

1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8.

i'm still making icons on my large-res monitor, so i hope they're okay on a 1024x768. these are up for grabs, if anyone wants them. credit please, or i weel keel joo (or at least throw a leetle tantrum). :P

i'm off to watch the Professionals in bed. that's... i'm watching them... in my bed. not watching them in their beds. which, admittedly, would be much preferable. mmmm Professionals in bed...

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yes damnit, i said massage! much more fun than a message. how's this, on your shoulders, right there.. a bit higher? okay... there. better? good.
i am in norway 'til tuesday night. thought it'd give me more time for flist and posting, but was gravely mistaken. having great fun, but energy is sucked away with baby and friends and trips and astonishing heeeeeeat. need ice bath. gah.
am watching star trek every night before i sleep on my laptop (watching on my laptop, not sleeping on my laptop, that'd be uncomfortable), and will have plenty to say about it when i get back. stay well all you folklets, and will do my best to catch up on all your antics when i get back to home and normality (ha!).
over and out.

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my body! it rebels!! nooooooooooooooo! ::gallops away screaming::
::gallops back::

i just went into the kitchen to get some Dr Pepper with ice, because of crazed sugar-craving attack (which is in turn because i've spent the last two weeks with agonising mouth ulcers that have prevented me eating much of anything at all, and now they're nearly gone i'm going crazy with the food). i put ice in the glass, opened the fridge and poured the drink. something felt a bit odd in my head while i poured it, but i ignored it (it's like when you're in the store, tearing at a dvd boxed sets plastic covering so you can just smoosh your face up against the discs, and something in your head starts to suggest 'hey, maybe this isn't such a goo...' and you just kinda cut it off). so i turned away to get some jaffa cakes, turned back, and some moron had poured milk in my glass! MILK?? i love milk and drink at least a glass a day but HELLO IT HAS NOT SUGAR IN'T. i nearly threw it out, such was my wrath. wrarwth? wRAWRth! but then i decided some cow somewhere worked pretty hard for that milk, so i'm sitting here with jaffa cakes, grumpily enjoying my milk.

i'm kinda worried my body's just had enough and is now going to stop letting me exercise free will, instead force-feeding me healthy food whenever i try to eat sugary things. what a nightmare.

on the fandom side of things, i spent virtually all of today at work looking through st:tos screencaps, reading scripts, and being spoon-fed whump info and fic from gumnut. it was bliss. this was all inspired by my having seen my first episode of tos on saturday (bbc are rerunning it, god bless their little tv-shaped hearts). the ep was Charlie X, and it was great.

kirk was less cheesey and more gorgeous than i expected. he got his shirt off within 20 minutes, i rolled my eyes, then sat a bit closer to the screen. rawr. spock was funnier and cuter than i expected. charlie made him quote poetry. mccoy was less 'damnit jim' than i expected, but he did hang around looking like he desperately wanted to say it, so yay.
uhura sang. about spock. i practised my 'wtf?' face.

all in all it was spectacular, wonderous, and i am thoroughly addicted. i am currently dancing around a download of Journey To Babel, willing my limewire to go faster faster! so i can see the kirk stabbiness. mmmm. pointy.
plus, hey, shatner is gorgeous! i watched some Six Million Dollar Man this evening, and he popped up in an episode in a fantastic character role! he played an astronaut gone a bit loopy, named josh (see icons) and was both gorgeous and acted brilliantly. (and it was very sad :()

on the i-spend-far-too-much-money side of things, i'm contemplating a video-capture card and dvd burner. that way i can not only burn dvds from media files on my comp, but i can put all my old video tapes filled with whump onto my comp and burn those too. any recs for external dvd burners and external video-capture cards? and do i presume correctly that dvd burners let you burn things on to regular cds too? because my burner is out of the game, and i still want to be able to make data cds and vcds and the like.
yeesh, one day of pressureless study (i handed in an overdue assignment recently) and already i'm making plans to be waist-high in cables and credit card bills. for god's sake somebody take away my plastic.

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i have been so remiss at letting you know what's going on, i'm really sorry. i dare say if you knew how hard i've been working you'd forgive me though! i'm currently at an Open University Residential School in Durham. As well as my Exploring Psychology course this year, i am also doing Exploring Psychology Project which is based at this week of resi school, and has a report to be written up afterwards and handed in by september. I got here on saturday, and the days are basically 9am-9pm. Tonight we finished at 10pm, concluding the day with two lectures, one on The Philosophy Of Psychopathology and one on Death. They were both riveting, the Death lecture went on an hour later than it should because there was so much discussion, and i had a personal chat with the lecturer afterwards and came away feeling fantastic because he said some of my ideas were 'really interesting' and looked all inspired! i shall now explode with happiness. if you need me, be prepared to scrape me off the walls of this IT room with a spatula.
i was so hyped with all the thoughts from the lectures that i sat here for a while researching sex-differences in communication (that's what my group is investigating. we'll be videoing same-sex groups tomorrow while they do an activity we've set, and then qualititatively analysing the data) and now the exhaustion has reasserted itself so i'm off to bed.

but i've meant to pop in here all week and let you know where i'm at, and why i'm not watching my Flist at all. when i get back home on saturday i have an Exploring Psychology assignment to write (it's already overdue) and the report for this course to work on, and loads of chapters to catch up on, so consider that i might be absent for some time to come. I also have my mate from norway coming over with her son, and then i'm going there, so the middle of august is the first time things will get back to normal. bear with me. :D
i may be knackered, and exhausted from being with people all the time (i need to go sit in a dark room for a year i think, i'm going insane), but i'm getting surer and surer that psychology is something i really love. i mean i knew it anyway... but who knew if that would sustain once i started finding out more about it? but it has. i'd not complain at getting the option of doing this for my day job, that's for sure.

i hope you're all happy and healthy, now if you'll excuse me i'm going to go and keel over in the shower with a can of Coke Zero attached to my face and a piece of paper with Gender Differences research clutched in my spasming hand. :P

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i nearly asploded the car! aaahahahahahaha! I am Pheral The Asploder! for it is written, "bring forth your cars of only 3 doors and rubbish engines, and the pheral shall asplode them!"

i was reversing into our gravel driveway (yes reversing iamamazingthankyouverymuch) which was difficult and took incredibly much a bit longer than my dad normally takes, because it's about two feet higher than the road and you have to get over that whump of gravel as you turn into the driveway. lots of clutch control. so one hour minute after starting the procedure i finally managed it, and put on the handbrake, and dad was like "what the hell is that??" pointing at the black smoke licking over the hood and curling round my side of the car, ahahahaha!
so it seems i took a little too long, and the clutch was whirring away and getting all asplodinated. but it was all good, and dad agreed i should be proud of doing exciting experimental things that he didn't even know the car would do. ::puffs up chest all proud like:: i can make our car smoke. aha.

also, we had a car come at us the other way in a thin country lane corner, going at a far too fast speed, and my dad yelled and jumped a foot in his seat!! ahaha! and that was pretty much my first emergency-break situation, and i didn't yell, i was cool as a cucumber, and then just laughed at dad as the car (bmw humph) reversed and got out of our way and we drove on. mwaha. i've never heard my dad yell in shock, or seen him jump. ahaha. >:P

i win at cars.

then my dad proved to be the best dad ever. because i've had a pretty rough time at work recently, being miserable and sleeping an awful lot at home and only just working out that that's my coping mechanism, and finally everything came to a peak last night in not-so-nice-style. But tonight my dad talked to me, and he was wunnerful, and i loves him. and i feel a bit better, and am now officially (and enthusiastically) nervously, looking for a new job. shhhh, don't tell my boss, he'll have a hernia. :P i want to get a job as Chief Car Asploder! 200k a year. yummm.

i can't have a post without an image!! ach... here:

i want to take mark mccormick's face and just smoosh it up against mine and make noises such as one would make at kittens. and then savage him.

Hardcastle&McCormick is delicious. not enough whumping, but hey, the world can't be purrfect. >:P

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Bjooooorn the Fleeeeeeea!
Was born in a mooooooonastereeeeeeee!
As small as a fleeeeeea could beeee,
He hardly did PING!
(it works best if you really scream the 'PING' bit)

At work this week('cmc' stands for Crass Male Coworker):

cmc: "my brother's got a 20 foot long..."
me: omgomgidon'twantohearthis
cmc: "...surf ski."

Tonight i have absorbed all the hyperness in the world and am slowly spewing it from my pores, as i fling myself from room to room spreading chaos and rice about me (i had a fight with the rice container lid, and the contents made a bid for freedom all over the floor).

And look what arrived in the post today... GLOWINESS!

It looks deliciously clear and plasticated during daytime, and all glowy and drifty at nighttime. It doesn't type brilliantly though, something i've had to sacrifice for the glowy, so i'm all "am.. enjoying... experience... ngggggg...". Quite.

Was going to make floods of st:tng icons, but failed miserably, in that i only made one. but i loves it, so all is well.

i go collapse now. ::head falls off::

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hearing: my mouse is squeaking. :s

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...stardate 742398 point 4. 678 point 7... erm, 3.. point 3 point... uh.. 7689 point 9 (point 3)

As acting observationalist for the first years mission of the Galaxy Class vessel Enterprise, i must just say: HOT DAMN! Is that nylon uniform far too tight, or are you just happy to see me?! I mean christ, is it seriously Starfleet regulation that you all go around wearing body stockings and miniskirts? If so, i for one would like to thank the powers that be that Riker never wore a skirt, i'd seriously not make it through scene one without passing out. Knee-high leather boots might be pushing it though, even Troi looks dumb in those.

Although i checked out the whumpers first (i've had a long-distance love affair with Skin Of Evil for years), i have now watched pretty much half the season of st:tng, with only a little strategic fast-forwarding. And i am having far too much fun. >:D

exposition and screen caps and RIKER'S CHEST OH MY GOOOODDDDD... ::keels over::Collapse )

I'll probably talk more on the funny episode moments in another post, i was going to here but i'm running out of time to post this before the weekend is out.
Oh, and i did finally find a wonderful little mine of Riker-whumpfic, hiding away on the Imzadi ficsite, written by someone called Beki. She's blatently a whumper, which suits me damn fine, because she writes very well. I spent a good chunk of Friday working my way through her fics instead of doing what i was supposed to be doing in the office, and i'll be emailing and feeding back to her once i've read them all. Go here, for her fics. I'll keep hunting for more Riker fic (probably while i'm at work, while my boss blabs on about client's website, and i'll be like 'yeah yeah clients seo yak yak yak and ooh look riker's bleeding out whoohoo!'), let me know if you guys find any in the meantime.

Now i'm off to do my best to catch up with my Flist and comment replies... and then throw myself into bed. despite sleeping 17 hours last night i am still wiped out. Today was my dad's birthday (we celebrate it today rather than christmas, which is when it really is) and we went on a day trip on a steam railway, which was the most hilarious fun because we had cream teas on the train! There was an awful lot of excited laughter as we bounced around in the train, trying to pour tea into cups that were vibrating their way across the table, the hilarity mostly revolving around the idea that we'd emerge at the other end of the journey completely plastered in jam and scones. :P Steak-dinner and excessive amounts of cherries for pudding finished the day off, and i am ready for sleepies. I think i shall bung The Host in the player and let handsome-and-possessed-Riker lull me to sleep... >:P

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